Kidepo Valley National Park is the most isolated national park in Uganda and the best virgin places every wildlife viewer can ever visit in Uganda. This virgin national park is undoubtedly among the best wilderness areas in Africa, harboring a couple of extinct species of wildlife that can’t be found in any other Ugandan national park.

The park is located in the northern part of Uganda Kabongo district bordering south Sudan and Kenya. It is approximately 510 Km by road from Kampala, Uganda’s capital and Moroto is apparently the largest town in the sub region. Kidepo valley national park is named the 3rd largest protected area in Africa.

Kidepo valley national park was established in 1962, a year when Uganda gained her independence. The park hosts over 75 species of mammals and 470 species of birds, making ideal for game viewing and birding. Savanna birds are commonly spotted in the region.

The national park derives her name from the kidepo valley. Kidepo is a local word which translates “to pick” from under. The Kidepo valley is famous for scenic borassus palm trees; a number of elephants as well as indigenous communities, that are beautifully scattered throughout the valley. The name kidepo valley was coined from the many communities who wander into the valley to pick fallen ripened borassus palm fruits for domestic use during the dry season.

Kidepo seasonal river flows north into South Sudan where Narus River supplements it before pouring into the White Nile. During the rainy season, the valley is stored with food thus accommodating a high concentration fauna. Vegetation is all green, grasslands, shrubs sprout and the wilderness is agog with a visible vibrant wildlife presence. Vegetation stunts and withers at times to sand and bare ground during long periods of drought. The open vegetation cover for the large part of Kidepo Valley National Park is ideal for spotting a wide range of game on safari into Uganda.

Nature walk safari
This is an ideal time for walking safaris in the valley to explore the wilderness, discover and hold the beauty of Uganda’s wilderness within your hands. While on your walk at Narus valley expect to spot lions, buffalos, zebras, hartebeests, giraffes, cheetah, leopard, waterbuck, several species and many beautiful bird species. Katurum track has magnificent views of the rest of the Narus valley and is an ideal spot to gaze in amazement and appreciate the park. The Narus River joins the larger Kidepo river further north 13 km into South Sudan that later joined the White Nile.

Game viewing safari
Kidepo Valley National Park is a popular destination for game drive / viewing with a wide range of game. The Karamoja region has over 80 mammal species and 28 of the mammal species are endemic to only the Karamoja region in Uganda and travelers on Uganda safari into Kidepo Valley National Park have high opportunities of sighting them. The land is flat with scenic undulating hills scattered in a few spots.

Game viewing start at 6am and you will have opportunity to spotting nocturnal wildlife species and interact with game when very active in the coldness of the morning, and 4pm for the evening game viewing safaris and catch game winding up the activities of the day. Animals to spot include: cheetah, leopard, mane less zebras, kudus, buffalos, Oryx, gazelle, elephants, giraffes, elands, roan antelopes, striped hyenas, jackals, hyenas, zebras, reedbucks, waterbucks, and Uganda kobs.