Ziwa Rhino sanctuary

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is the only place of the pearl of Africa to see the white Rhinos, these are an endangered species that has been conservatively guarded and hence as began to regain numbers lately, Uganda’s rhinos became extinct in the 1989’s following massive hunting of the animal species in the wild by poachers , refugees, and those that needed ivory for trade, these existed in Murchison falls national park, the country’s largest protected conservation area however now it is not even chance to see one with in the conservation area, it is until Rhino fund Uganda sited out land and initiated the idea of reinstating the missing species right into the wild.

The history of the Sanctuary is a long one but in brief the government of Uganda worked tirelessly together with the Rhino fund in the 2005 to introduce the animal species in to the wilderness,  first 2 white Rhinos were transported from Kenya and kept at the Uganda wildlife safari education center in Entebbe for relocation to sanctuary, and 6 others were brought to Ziwa, since then there has been an increase in the population of Rhinos protected on a 70 square kilometer reserve fenced with a 2 meter high wire, it safe to go on a walk wile here and also one of the few points of Uganda that tracking is done on foot. Visitors who cine into the country mainly for primates can a chance of experiencing something extra while on their Ugandan safaris, it is typical amazing by how much you will see at the Rhino sanctuary besides them for instance there are more than 300 species of birds that have been recorded here.

Rhino tracking is the major activity done at the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary the walk is guided by an armed ranger for security purposes, beginning in the morning at 7:00am, the time is adjustable as travelers tend to reach from Entebbe at a later hour, it takes 2-3 hours tracking rhinos, and an hour is allowed to interact, take pictures, along the walk there is a chance of seeing antelopes like the Uganda Kobs, waterbucks and many birds. Other activities include guided nature walks, and birding at the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary.

Birding is an all-day activity it takes you to see the birds that call this home in order to  enjoy a birding experience it is wise to bring long sleeved clothes, binoculars, water proof covers for phones and cameras, to mention a few. Example species include grey crowned crested cranes, Abyssinian ground horn bill, sunbirds, pelicans. These and many more can be seen even on guided nature walks, there is available accommodation at the Sanctuary, for example Amuka lodge these offer a comfortable accommodation to travelers serving mouthwatering meals and memorable experiences.

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary Located enroute Nakasongola, it can be accessed by car through the Kampala Gulu highway, safaris to the Rhino sanctuary are combined together with those of Murchison falls national park, it is Uganda’s largest conservation area, on these safaris there is a chance to see the so called big five of the wilderness on the same trip.